Bathroom Inspiration from Native Trails

Native Trails makes beautiful hand hammered copper sinks and bathtubs for mountain houses. But they also make wonderful rustic vanities. Take a look below to garner some bathroom design inspiration for your mountain dream house.

This is their hand-hammered pewter finish. Wow!!

Rustic, traditional and comforting.

A bathroom in a ski house.

Modern rustic--sooooo handsome!

A bathroom in Lake Tahoe.

Proof that elegance can go hand-in-hand with rusticity.

Clean and modern but mountain perfect.

A cabin charmer.

More contemporary mountain inspiration.

Get Out of Safe Mode--Why Not a Colorful Patterned Carpet?

So often, we are afraid to take chances on our homes. We worry that if we make things too colorful or too spirited, we may become bored, or worse, uncomfortable with choices that we've spent a lot of money on. What could be worse than being "stuck with" an expensive mistake? Beige is always a safe choice, especially when it comes to carpet.

A second home in the mountains gives us the opportunity to experiment with a little whimsy and spirit. Afterall, we don't have to look at our decorating selections everyday, so it's unlikely we'll tire of them too soon. It's a place to feel safer about being bold.

Next time you think about replacing or adding carpets or area rugs to a mountain home, consider some of these colorful patterned carpets. They are just the ticket for adding warmth, beauty and personality to any mountain home.

This type of carpet can be installed wall-to-wall or it can be made into area rugs by adding borders, or by binding the edges off with fabric or leather.

Of course, carpet like this is more expensive. All of these carpets are 100% wool and start at about $70 per yard and go up to about $170. However, if you have the budget for luxury carpets, they can add quality, and yes, whimsy and style to a mountain house, in a way that no ordinary beige carpeting can hope to match. Go bold!