Tile, Tile, Tile Part 3

This past summer I had the opportunity to work on an absolutely charming little 40's lake front cabin.  The client and I had so much fun creating all kinds of adorable details throughout the cabin, but the real icing on the cake is the tile in the bathroom and kitchen.

All the tile in these two rooms is from Pratt and Larson and it is hand molded and hand painted.

First the bathroom:

Since the cabin is located at the lake we decided on an underwater scene below and an above ground scene above.

We chose water colors for the lower section on the walls and the decos all feature swimming fish, turtles and frogs.  At the very bottom there are aquatic plants (sorry the photo doesn't show these very well).

Below, a detail of the charming pine trim and picwick pine ceilings we installed throughout this cabin.

Above, you see the water line freeze with the pebble border detail and a delightful soap dish above the vanity.

There are a series of towel hooks featuring woodland creatures.

Above, the toilet paper holder.

Birds and bees fly around the sky area.  The window molding features a flower and bee trim piece.  

And now the kitchen:

Since this is Tahoe, we selected bears as our theme.  We also added a bee hives series and lots of flying bees.  

The bee hive is trimmed with twig shaped tiles.  Right above the counter top you can just make out a series of small pine-cone decos.  Above the bears is a border of mountain animals in green and yellow 2 x 2's.  Trimming out the front of the granite counter-top on the apron is the same bee and flower trim tile used to surround the window in the bathroom. 

The appliances are new retro style in an effort to fit in with the 1940's age of the cabin.

Below, a detail of the kitchen windows shows the beautiful detail on all the border theme pieces.