A Favorite Grass Cloth

I don't know how this happened, but somehow I was under the impression that one of my favorite Brunschwig and Fils grass cloths has been discontinued.  It's called Aztec and I see a pine cone motif in it.

Wonderful news--it is not discontinued.   I simply can't wait to use it!

Aztec on Jute and Cotton --Mocha on Natural Grass

Aztec on Jute and Cotton --Beige on Amaranth Red

Aztec on Jute and Cotton --Gold on Natural Grass

Aztec on Jute --Ebony on Natural

Aztec on Jute --Mocha on Natural

Aztec on Sisal and Cotton --Gold on Yacht Blue

Aztec on Sisal and Cotton --Off White on Spring Green

I love grass cloth in mountain houses.  I install it whenever I can.  When I first present the idea to clients, I find that not every client loves grass cloths as much as I do.  But they always come over to my way of thinking after it has been installed. My clients thank me profusely and tell me that they think the grass cloth turned out to be the best thing we did in the entire house.  Some of them even decide it was their idea in the first place!

Here are a few photos of grass cloths I've used on past projects:

As you can see, grass cloth just has a way of adding a rustic quality and elegance to any room.  It ups the ante.  Adding grass cloth is one of those ways you spend a little bit but get so much more back in return.  It's always a WOW!

All fabrics and wallpapers are available from Dragonfly Designs.  To order, request free samples or enlist mountain design help, call 530 583-6076.  

Not Your Average Chainsaw Bear

In Tahoe we love our bears.  I see a lot of bears in local interiors.  The problem with bears, however, is that they can get pretty kitchy if you're not careful.  It's a trap to beware of.

I do like bears when they are used judiciously and if they are well designed or charming.

I'm mad for this beautiful bear wallpaper mural from Iksel.  Best of all, it can be sized up to suit your wall.

Why not throw it into a room that needs a little impact?  It's a natural, of course, for a young boys cabin bedroom.  But, it's classy enough to put into an entry.  I can see it surrounded by walls covered in a beautiful textured grass-cloth (one of my favorite tricks for adding an element of quality and interest to rooms that don't have enough architectural detail).

Every entry needs a place to toss keys so let's just add a gorgeous chest of drawers like this one from Mill Creek (drawers are so practical in the mountains---one for gloves, sunglasses in another, dog leashes, ski goggles, hiking gear, boating gear, etc.):

Toss in a couple of these beautiful Leopard Silviera Lamps from Arteriors:

And let's finish it off with a handsome and practical leaf patterned area rug that won't show the trail dirt:

Now, that's how I like to do bears!

All fabrics and wallpapers are available from Dragonfly Designs.  To order, request free samples or enlist mountain design help, call 530 583-6076.  

Western Style Trimmings

Every once in a while I get a client who wants to add Western details to her mountain interior.  It's been my experience that these clients have loved it when I've added concha buttons, feathers and rawhide trim details on curtains and toss pillows.

Just in case you want to try something like this, Silverado Home has a wonderful and extensive collection of concha style buttons.  Here are just a few of their offerings:

The photo below shows a den I worked on in a Martis Camp House at Lake Tahoe.  You can see that the curtains are trimmed out with feathers.  We also pinned some old antique concha brooches onto some of the pillows in this room, but unfortunately, they are not showing in this photo.  

New River Artisans

My clients love this custom carpet from New River Artisans:

It's called Yellowstone and over the years I've ordered it a number of times for clients (and, in fact, even now I have another client looking at it, yet again).

One client used it in this fireplace seating group:

Another used it in her master bathroom:

And yet another used it in the entry area of her mountain-inspired cottage:

It comes in custom colors and sizes or shapes.  New River Artisans will happily adapt it any way you need to fit into your room.

New River Artisans has many other great area rug patterns for mountain houses.  My problem is that once my clients have seen Yellowstone, I simply can't interest them in any other pattern!  Here are just a few of the other designs that I love: