Two New Bear Fabrics

We do love our bears in Tahoe.  And, in fact, just about every mountain cabin or ski lodge I've been in has at least one bear picture, carving, tchotchke or gizmo...somewhere!

As always, the challenge with "themes" is to keep them sophisticated and not goofy.  For example, as a lover of antiques, especially hand-crafted items.  I love many of the Black Forest bears from the late 19th Century.  These were actually carved to be purchased as tourist souvenirs in the tiny mountain town of Brienz Switzerland, near Grindelwald.

A small Black Forest carved bear chair I found for a client a number of years ago.  Pieces like this are rare and highly collectible.  
Up until now, there haven't really been any beautiful bear fabrics available for interiors.  But, good news...Andrew Martin just introduced a new Holly Frean Collection and within it are two bear fabrics that are useful for cabin and rustic mountain lodge interiors.

The first is my favorite.  It's called Polar. This fabric is a woolen reversible. Since the fabric is in subdued grey tones, it does not go into a "too cute for adults" kind of attitude that would prevent it from being appropriately used in adult spaces, such as the great room.  I'd use it for any kind of upholstery in almost any mountain house.  It would be great on upholstered lounge chairs in the great room, headboards in any bedroom, banquettes in the kitchen and I'd love it as toss pillows.  For the right kind of client, I'd even use it on sofas or sectionals.
It's reversible so you have two color options.  It would be charming to mix both colorways in the same room.
Since mountain homes are usually second homes, and places where fun takes place, I don't see anything at all wrong with including a little bit of whimsy in our decorating.  It's true that there is always a fine line between whimsy and ridiculous, but Polar Fabric stays just this side of whimsy without becoming silly.  Whimsy is great when it's also sophisticated and luxurious.  The fact that this fabric is a beautiful woolen in subdued tones keeps it elegant.

The second fabric, Theatre, is a charming depiction of many bears seemingly viewing something onstage.  The darker tones and sophisticated concept of this fabric also manage to keep it sophisticated enough for discerning cabin owners.  Even so, I would probably be more inclined to keep this in a guest bedroom, or even better, in a kids bedroom or bunkroom.  I love how it's used below in these extra tall and dramatic headboards.

Theatre comes in two colors, denim and midnight, as shown below.  Either way, I can't help but smile at the expressions on the bears faces.  

Theatre in Denim

Theatre in Midnight

All three of these fabrics, as well as all the other great Andrew Martin fabrics and wallpapers, are available at Tahoe Dream Interiors.  Call us at (530) 583-6076 or email if you would like to receive samples or if you'd like us to help you develop coordinating choices for any room.