Ralph Lauren Does Mountain Style

Ralph Lauren has a stunning home in Colorado. He has been a long-time collector of Indian artifacts, camp blankets, concha belts. vintage cowboy gear etc. and many pieces from his beautiful collection are on display there. The house has been photographed by Architectural Digest and also by Oprah for both her magazine and television show. As a designer, I look at it often and find inspiration. I am currently working on a project that is using a lot of Western and Native American influences, so Ralph Lauren's house is at the top of my mind these days. I thought I'd share it with you here.

Ralph Lauren's Double R Ranch is 45 minutes from Telluride.

With his wife Rickie on horseback, above. Photos of the living areas below:

What I love about these interiors is that Ralph Lauren is not afraid to celebrate the rustic, the aged, the faded, the frayed and the simple. While there's no doubt that he mixes in many fabulous expensive items, there are so many charing and wonderful flea market finds that really make these rooms seems so personal and comfortable. Of course, the fact that every piece is perfectly staged and placed has a lot to do with the overall fabulous-ness!

This room is absolutely mind-blowing!

The spectacular home theatre.

The outdoor areas are just as wonderful as the interiors.

What a place to spend the afternoon!

An outdoor dining room for a crowd.

The Double R ranch logo.

In addition to the main house, there are a handful of guest cabins, teepees and even trailers used to house guests on the property, below.

Lauren's 1936 red Ford pickup.

The teepees are every young boy's fantasy come to life! Mine, too.

 Loooooooooove this refubished vintage Airstream! Want!!!

Ranch hands and cowboys on a real cow drive, above.

For a tour of Oprah exploring the ranch with Ralph Lauren, click here.  
For a look at Ralph Lauren's Alpine Lodge Collection, look here.  

Photography by Gilles de Chabaneix/Portrait by Bruce Weber as well as George Burns/Harpo Studios.

Ralph Lauren has a beautiful collection of Native American inspired fabrics, many of which are available for purchase in the Dragonfly online store. Click below to view them.