Can I Paint My Log Walls?

From dark and rugged to light and fresh, painting log walls is one way to completely change up your cabin's personality.

It's true that most people love wood in the mountains.  Everyone seems to want wood walls, wood floors, wood ceilings and as much log trim as possible. 

Most of us love wood and can't get enough, but some of us don't.  Is your cabin a little too heavy on the wood for your taste and the way you want to live? 
What are some of the reasons why you might consider painting over your log walls? 

  • Wood everywhere can tend to make interiors dark and gloomy.  Painting with a fresh light color can fill your rooms with light.
  • Wood walls, floors and ceilings can make smaller rooms feel like they are closing in on you.  Using lighter colors, especially white can give your rooms a little breathing room. 
  • Lots of logs and wood are definitely a traditional cabin look and if you're going for fresh and modern, it's just not going to happen if you leave the logs natural.
  • Funky, dirty and just plain old woodwork can be cleaned up with paint.  

See for yourself.  Below are a series of photos of log cabins owned by courageous buck-the-norm folks who painted their walls (and often ceilings too), creating beautiful, bright and unique mountain interiors.  Do you have the style chutzpah to follow their lead?

Paint it white for a clean contemporary look... 

High gloss white paint.  Modern quirky furnishings and accessories add to the look.

Black and white for a statement-making look.

A dark room goes light and airy with white paint, white curtains, and an all-white bed treatment.  

White stained logs contrast with beautiful dark wood trim and ceiling beams creating a light interior with a traditional feel.  

Soaring white walls and ceilings mix with soft, pale, comfortable furnishings to create a cozy and welcoming interior. 
This works with color too....
Soft warm grays are popular everywhere right now and work beautifully on log walls.
Wood walls painted green while beams and floors are left natural creating a sophisticated mix.
Stain works for interiors, too.  A soft grey stain serves as a appropriate backdrop to edgy contemporary furnishings and colorful artwork.

Having trouble deciding on exterior paint colors? Let us do the work for you. We've put together paint color recommendations for cabins and mountain homes.  $39.99