Designing for Comfort...Four: Add a Game Table

Ways to make mountain rooms more comfortable for living.

Interior Design by Dragonfly Designs

If you can find the space for it, add a game table. These get used for so much more than games. Lap tops, homework, a shared cup or coffee, extra seating for large dinner parties, it’s not hard to think of dozens of ways an extra table can contribute to the ease and enjoyment of your mountain home.

Century Gentry Chair
This table and chairs are the ones shown in the Dragonfly Designs project shown above.  This is one of my favorite game tables from The Farmhouse Collection and the game chairs are from Century Furniture. The table has an inset game board that reverses from chess to backgammon and conceals a hidden storage area for game pieces. Below is a square version of the same table.

Alturas Game Table by Farmhouse

Game tables seat four people and are either round or square. They are usually 36-42 inches across or in diameter and at about 28" high, they are a few inches shorter than a standard dining table. Because of their dropped height, you’ll want to make sure that you select chairs that are suited to your table.

If, like me, your idea of a great apres ski evening involves Lemon Drop Martinis, the card game Hearts, good friends and long hours of jokes and good-natured competition, you'll want to be sure to invest in the right game chairs. Game chairs are usually designed for comfortable sitting over extended periods of time. The best chairs have castors on their legs or are designed to swivel. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can just pull any four dining chairs up to your game table. Chances are they will be too tall and won't provide the comfort you're looking for.

Century Game Table
This beautiful game table and chairs is from Century Furniture and would look great in almost any mountain home. I love how the modern shapes on these chairs contrast with the rustic elements of leather and nail heads. Fabulous!!

Century has a great selection of game chairs and several of them are perfect for cabins and lodges. Which one is your favorite?
Century Gentlemens

Century Brumby
Century Omni

Here's an affordable game table that would look charming in any cabin. For more information click here. The Halo Styles chair I've selected to go with it is very comfortable and seems to make both men and women happy, something not all chairs are able to do.

Rush Creek Game Table
Halo Waterfall Chair

Last, here is a final selection from Genessee River Trading Company. All their pieces come in the most fabulous color choices. The game board top is made from linoleum and you can even specify linoleum colors. Absolutely charming! (Click here for more details.)

Genessee River Trading Co  Saranac Game Table

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