Excitement Underfoot...Patterned Carpets

Okay, I confess, I am a sucker for patterned carpets, those wall-to-wall woolen wonders! I love so many different patterns that it's always hard to pick a favorite. When it comes to patterned carpets, "love the one you're with" is my motto.

Of course, in the world of ski cabins, fru fru bows and flowers in pastel colors aren't appropriate. But there are so many fantastic patterns that work beautifully in rustic interiors.

Unfortunately, patterned carpets can be very pricey and many of my favorites are in the $100 per yard (or much more) range. There are a few favorites, however, that are available for under $100 per yard. I was just showing them last week to a client, and I thought I'd show them to you, too.

Stripes are always a great choice for mountain houses. One I've always liked is called Aaah by Robertex. I love the colorway below with the subtle red pinstripe.

Aaah by Robertex $72.80 per yard

Here's another stripe I like. It's New Zealand Wool from Hibernia Woolen Mills in naturally dyed colors.

Hibernia Inspiration Kiawah Island $83.72 per yard

Hibernia Inspiration Martha's Vineyard $83.72 per yard

The colorway above would be practical for mountains houses with kids, dogs and hikers. 

Speaking of practical, I love the way that the choice below actually comes pre-spotted (fantastic if you're worried about pet stains).

Antelope from Glen Eden's Out of Africa collection $93.38 per yard

It looks great installed, doesn't it? See below.

Well those are three of the best looking under $100 patterned carpets around. Oh heck, I'm feeling tired of controlling the budget, here are a couple of wow-factor patterned carpets for those with a hell-yes attitude.

Bellbridge Iakawa Fog

Prestige Mills Cardinal

Dare you?

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