Casual, Rustic, Elegant!

Here's a beautiful project from an old college friend of mine, Mary Lynne Turner of M. Elle Designs. Mary Lynne designed the house with her two daughters, also partners in her firm. I'm impressed with the way the trio contrasted clean contemporary lines with rustic country comfort. The architectural details are phenomenal, especially the old timbers, antique wide planked flooring and intriguing mushroom stain colors used throughout. Fabulous work, Mary Lynne!

The main structure was adapted from an old barn.

Mary Lynne has a knack for contrasting contemporary elements with the aged. Here, the sleek fireplace surround sets off the antique timbers and rustic stonework.

I love the rustic old trusses. And how about those beautifully designed repeating doors marching down the barn wall, dressed in simple nubby curtains that soar to the sky!

In the den, a perfect dark mushroom stain shade has been selected, giving the room a contemporary feel, somehow working perfectly for mountain living.

Order prevails!

And yet, nothing one could want for a retreat in the mountains has been overlooked.

Where else would you want to be when the wind is howling and the snow is flying?

In the Master, another lighter mushroom stain color contrasts with fresh white linens for a luxury feel. Beautiful curtains!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful home office? Surrounded by pine trees, it is the epitome of rustic chic with those industrial windows and gauzy curtains.


And last, simple perfection in the bunk room.

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