Taking Inspiration From a Walk in the Woods

Beautiful design inspiration is all around us.  We need only stop a moment and drink in nature's glory.

Inspiring color schemes...

Uplifting elements become themes....

I take these wondrous images home from my afternoon walk and mull them around in my mind.  Ideas surface and retreat.  Finally a single idea comes to rest.  

Fabrics that reflect the colors and patterns of the beauty I see in my Tahoe world.  

Cheveyo in Pinecone from Kirkby Design  $109 per yard

Etamine Neuchatel  $249 per yard

Etamine Cassinoix  $165 per yard.  Click here for other colorways.

All fabrics available to order through Dragonfly Designs.  Call 530 583-6076 or email dragonflytahoe@att.net.

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