Stunning Woodcarving in this Charming Chalet

Who does this anymore?

I am really knocked out by the carved details in this beautiful baroque mountain chalet in the Italian Dolomites.

The carvings are made by a pair of brothers who mix modern technology with old world skills. As part of their design process, Gianpaolo and Davide Zandegiacomo of Bottega d'Arte meticulously photograph, catalogue and computerize every measurement and space before they design and then painstakingly carve the interiors of their projects.  The brothers also work in a beautiful contemporary chalet style (I'll show you a couple of photos of this later in this posting), but I really love the detail and beauty of this tiny traditional chalet.  

Check out the beautifully coffered ceiling in the sitting room (shown above and below)...

Of course, those of you that follow me know that I love antiques.  And European Mountain antiques are some of my favorites.  I love the cut-out chalet dinning chairs, the black forest carved chair to the right and the beautiful old painted armoire.  Utterly charming.  

Above, a view showing the fabulous painted ceiling.  And don't miss those fantastic parquet floors.  It's a room built for a snow princess to live in.  

Above, an exquisite antique clock pairs with charming painted interior paneling.  

The bedrooms display the same carved detailing.  Love the fantastical curved headboards, the old oil paintings, the rustic plaster work and the carved diagonal support beams!

What a ceiling, above!

Love, love, love... from the amazing iron hardware on the custom carved door, to the beaded crisscross molding on the wall panels and the gorgeous Murano chandelier hanging above all the rustic splendor.  

Even the bathroom, below, has many original carved wood details.  It's a place where old world charm meets perfectly with contemporary comforts.  

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And here's a few photos of some of the brothers' more contemporary chalet work:

Beautiful!  You can view additional photos of each of these photos here at Archilove.  

If you 'd like to take the official Houzz tour of their Dolomite site, visit:

Houzz Tour: The Art of Woodcarving in the Dolomites


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  1. It's the attention to detail and the intricate carving that makes this so appealing. Hard to find anymore, but it sure is beautiful :-)


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