Porches and Decks are Rooms, too!

I always love to see mountain cabin porches and decks that create a destination that family and friends can use and enjoy.  When you're planning the decor for your mountain home, don't overlook the importance of creating a comfortable and inviting porch or deck.  

In Tahoe, while some folks have lake views, most do not.  A porch with a fabulous lake view needs less to become a desirable destination. If you don't have a lake view (or even if you do), why not create a personality for your porch that reflects the way you and your family love to live.

Of course, there are always two ways to go.  You can spend a pile of money and pull in lots of perfect items (even hire someone like me to do it for you), or you can spend time at the flea markets.  A look like the one shown here can easily be put together with a little legwork.  If you enjoy shopping, you'll have a lot of fun collecting up personal items that reflect your surroundings and lifestyle.

This porch is big enough to accommodate several activity centers.  In fact, if you look at the photo closely, you'll notice a four-poster bed, complete with hangings.  By the way, the same hangings are attached between the roof supports.  This is really the perfect summer porch, don't you think?  It's exactly the sort of place I'd love to enjoy the gorgeous summer air, read a book, entertain friends, and even, take a nap.  It's a whole world unto itself.

If you have a deck, not a porch, you might want to consider creating shade by adding arbors or umbrellas, curtain panels or even some sort of permanent roof.  This will make your deck more habitable at all times of the day and, especially, on hot days.  It will also make it feel a little more like a room and less exposed.

By the way, the porch above is from the Cashiers South Carolina 2016 Design Home.  But...it's only the porch for the guest house.  Below is the porch for the main house:

Mountain luxe!

A good porch makes you wonder why you even need the rest of the house.  

Get the look...

Check out some of our wicker, hickory and bentwood furnishings, perfect for your rustic mountain porch or deck...like this whimsical bentwood chair and side table, below.  They come in your choice of either bentwood or aluminum and in all kinds of beautiful finish stains and paint colors.

We think every porch could use a rocker or two.  We love the Vineyard wicker rocker, below, also available in many stain and paint colors.  Our wicker can be ordered with a special outdoor finish for use on covered porches (not recommended for year round or full exposure use in harsh winter weather)

Finally, for that quintessential mountain look, why not include some hickory pieces, like these Andrew Jackson rockers, below:

One last thought, a great porch is not just the furniture, it's the welcoming details that make it a destination that people will want to spend time in. Don't forget to add baskets for reading material, toss pillows, comfortable side tables.  Consider a collection of old camp blankets or faux fur lap blankets for cool evenings. Carpets, candles, chandeliers, a cocktail serving cart, all these add to the fun and nothing is really too over the top.  And don't forget to stock up your kitchen with plenty of outdoor trays, pitchers and dishware that can easily move to the porch for entertaining.   Finally, a collection of planters and pots tumbling with flowers is the quintessential summer signature for any truly excellent porch or deck.

Enjoy the final weeks of summer.  I'm savoring every moment!

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