Inspirational Porches and Decks

A mountain house is really all about the great room and all about the porch or deck, don't you think?  Make those two places into rooms people want to gather in and you can consider the entire effort a success.

My favorite porches and decks are those where people go all out, treating them as if they were an interior room in the house.  A porch with a chandelier, a beautiful area rug, side tables and a fire place is my idea of spectacular.

Below is a collection of photos of some inspirational porches and decks.  Each and every one of these is a place I'd like to be.  That's pretty much what's important about a porch, isn't it.  That you just simply want to spend time there.  All of these fit the bill perfectly...

Above, colorful and pretty with summer flowers.  So many places to sit and lot's of camp blankets and pillows to make oneself comfortable.  

In a word, chic!  Love it!

Rustic and sophisticated all at once.  Lamps, coffee tables, carpets, this place has got all the comforts of home!  

Stunning.  The lodge pole beams, the bark walls, antique lanterns, hand-made camp furnishings, antler candle sticks, willow chandelier, all contribute to make this high-ceilinged hang-out a place that captures the mood of the mountains perfectly.  

Just goes to prove that it doesn't take a big budget to create charm.  A little paint and a few comfortable rockers is all you really need.  And hey, aren't we here for the view anyway?

Hanging swing sofas???!!  Count me in!

A warm and cozy place to sit.

Ralph Lauren's outdoor deck.

Kathleen River's porch.  Again, why not kit the porch out like the rest of the house.  Everything you need to relax and enjoy the mountains is right here on the porch, including lamps, throws, rockers, ottomans.  Just perfect!

Above, Charlotte Moss on her Aspen deck. 

Mary Lynn Turner of M. Elle Design's porch.  Simple, gorgeous, luxurious.  Doesn't the chandelier just make the entire thing that much more fabulous?

An outdoor fireplace is sooooooooo deluxe!

Simple, beautiful materials.  Gorgeous stone floor and log walls.  

Okay.  I want this!  

And, of course, every porch needs one of these.

By the way, if you want to see more porch and deck photos, my pinboard is at: .

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