Happily Ever After in the Adirondacks

This house, owned and designed by Atlanta designer Bill Cook, is the most charming fairy tale of a mountain house I've run across.  Is it a chateau?  Is it a chalet?  Who really cares?  It's a great adventure, for sure.

Visual stories for the wandering eye are to be found in every room.  This is indeed a story book fantasy.

Take the entry below, where even the stairs are labelled with "Once upon a time...".  Cook has assembled a wonderful collection of 19th century Swiss carved Black Forest pieces here, from the carved bear hall tree, the carved deer mounts, the little chair, the small cigar table on the landing, and carved picture frames and birds on the stairwell wall up above.

In the living room, below, more carved Swiss pieces mingle with old skis, beautiful oil paintings, a sumptuous rug and wonderful French antique furnishings.  Wherever one casts the eye, there is an adventure to be had.

Again, antiques mix with rustic furnishings, whimsical tramp art, refined upholstery and beautiful objects, above and below.  Each item has been lovingly curated.

I love the way branches and logs have been incorporated into the stonework on the fireplace (see detail, above).  

Below, this is a kitchen one can live happily ever after in.  Again, rustic but charming.  Spacious but cozy.  Tidy but warmly cluttered.  

A rustic French farm table, leather chairs and whimsical appointments grace this wonderful dining room.  A place to linger late at night, after tales of travels.

Every comfort has been attended to in this elegant bedroom, below.  Each item is a treasure and a thing of beauty.  Luxe fabrics are amply strewn about.  Hides, woolens, paisleys, tartans, animal prints and needlepoint are all in play here.  The beauty of the screen behind the bed and 19th century landscapes contrasting again with the rusticity of the ceiling.  Rough, refined, rough, refined. Your eye is continually bounced around from one contrasting texture to another.

In the room created for the owner's mother, flower motifs and femininity rule.  Everything is pretty.

Below, in the same bedroom, beautiful old English arts and crafts tiles are embedded in the stonework.  The Chinoiserie desk and French chair make the perfect spot to read one's correspondence and enjoy a moment of quiet repose.

The bathroom below is simply the best mountain house bathroom I've ever seen.  Period.  Bar none.  The fireplace above the sunken tub, the pebble and river rock surfaces on the shower walls and floor, the aged beams and soaring ceiling, antique pharmacy signs--all contribute to make this complex room both welcoming and yet, somehow, clean and spacious.  Every surface and detail is either perfectly rustic or charmingly whimsical or sophisticated and modern.  And yet it all goes together in just the right way.  Like Goldilocks and porridge.

And finally, a guest room filled with dogs and other amusements.  A place for happy dreams.

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