Easy Log Cabin Livin'

 It's always fun to see how people choose to live when they can afford to live pretty much in any house in the world.  Here are some photos of a property Bruce Willis owned up until a few years ago. 

This was a trio of log cabins Willis had built on a Sun Valley property back in the 90's.  To his credit, the cabins are comfortable, rugged and welcoming.  Nothing too fancy or precious here, just a wonderful place to be with one's children for mountain pleasures and easy living.  

Chinked walls, rag rugs, and primary colors characterize this handsome home.  It has everything you need and not much that you don't.  

Looking happy outside his mountain home and I can see why.

Above, a cozy living room with beautiful log walls and great views out a wall of windows.  I always love it when a room allows you to put two sofas opposite each other.  It's perfect for visiting with family and friends, don't you think?  The log cabin carpet is the perfect understated but mountain-appropriate anchor for the room.   

Above, striped sofas and a rag rug, make another welcoming cabin living space.  

Once again, comfort and practicality rule.  Bring in the dogs and kids.  Have a good time.  We're here for fun not fuss.

It seems to me that this is a great place for any dad to spend time with his kids.

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