Contemporary can be Joyful

Contemporary mountain has many different personalities.  There's the sleek, clean and serious look, of course.  But there's also contemporary with warmth, whimsey and pizzaz.  That's what this beautiful Sundance house has.  It was designed by Champlinaud Design out of New York City.

There are definitely a lot of sleek, clean design elements here.

However, I see whimsy, charm and warmth in the accessories and artwork.  Like the Suzani styled pillow on the sofa above, the hand-made pottery on the coffee table and in the artwork below.

Above, in a room of serious simplicity, the Christmas-tree shaped sculptures add a little levity.

Little pops of color in the rooms add just enough personality without taking away from the calm Zen atmosphere.  

Below, energetic textiles in the black toss pillow, the ethnic throw and the 70's style geometric upholstery on the ottoman.  

Above and below, the artwork adds energy to quiet rooms.  Themes set up in the artwork are reflected in the selection of color in these rooms and in the textiles.  

A perfect bathroom.

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