Eastern Accents Mountain and Resort Collection

Eastern Accents has just published a Mountain and Resort Collection brochure and I thought you'd like to see some of the photos from it.

This bedding line is comfortably priced and I think they do a nice job of capturing the look and feel that many people like to live with in their mountain homes.  Some of the beds are more traditionally rustic and others are very clean and contemporary.

The rooms are staged out in creative ways and offer up some fun decorating ideas, too.

I really like this hodge-podge wall of old black and white photos and engravings above the bed and the way it contrasts with the clean modern bedding.   

Pretty...but not too pretty for the mountains.

Handsome bedding and a gorgeous area rug.  Plaids and window pane checks have been a part of mountain interiors for many years now.  This is a fresh modern take on them.  

Above, I love the traditional plaid wallpaper with the Suzani inspired fabrics.  This makes a cozy bedroom, perfect for a winter snow storm.

Modern and understated.  Nothing too out there, here.  Just simple good taste.   

European mountain style-inspired.  I love antiques and I think this room uses them beautifully.

Modern and simple and yet the orange carpet and toss pillow punch up the wow-factor.

This one is my favorite.  I love all the faux fur and the eclectic collection of artwork and accessories.  Chocolate, cream, black and white.  Simple colors but lots of impact.  

Above, a detail of the upholstered bed and toss pillows.  

Here's my opinion...people don't use blues often enough in mountain homes.  It's an overlooked color and it works beautifully with the stone and wood in so much of our construction.  I love it when clients ask for blue!

Simple, clean, beautiful and just a teeny bit of personality with the crazy white furry pillows and pouf.

Some of their pillows.  

If you see something you really must have, feel free to call for a quote (530) 583-6076.  Or, email us at dragonflytahoe@att.net.  We are always happy to help you create a beautiful mountain home!

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