European Chalet Style in the Eyes of Mai Tai, a Blogging Favorite

Since I live at Lake Tahoe and ski at Squaw Valley as often as I like during the winter months, I pretty much get my fill of skiing here at home.  If I'm going to take a vacation, I want to go to a European city or head to a beach on a tropical island.  It's not that I would turn down a free trip to ski in Europe, it's just not at the top of my list of priorities.

However, that does not stop me from fantasizing about what it might be like to ski in Europe.  I get my European ski fix from the blogger, Mai Tai.  An American who lives a luxurious life in the South of France, Mai Tai takes a European ski holiday every spring and does a beautiful job of documenting it, showing just the things I want to see.  She shows delicious food, apres ski photos at the best European lodges, luxury rooms in holiday chalets, restaurants and bars.  Mai Tai gives you a good peek at European contemporary luxury chalet style. It doesn't hurt that Mai Tai herself is beautiful, always elegantly dressed and successfully wields a top notch camera.

Check out Mai Tai's ski vacations.  She's been blogging for a long time so you'll find lots to see in this string of postings titled skiing.  Set aside some free time, sit down with a cup of cocoa and enjoy, (just keep hitting previous posts every time you hit the end of the column and more will load in).

Ready, set schuss!

The elegant Mai Tai, almost always in a Hermes scarf!
Mai Tai is always interested in the details.

Capturing the overall experience.

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