"Vintage Mountain Feel"--Charming Artwork for Chalets

A friend sent me a link to a blog by a fabulous European artist who specializes in creating artwork, murals and decorative painted wall effects for European castles, chateaus, restaurants and hotels.  I have to say, he is pretty special and his work is very impressive.  If you'd like to look at his blog, it's demeurspeintes.blogspot.com.

His spectacular images are sometimes jaw-dropping, especially those that are over scale parodies of some of the history's greatest artists.  It's really worth a visit to his site to enjoy some of these and to appreciate his talent.

In perusing and frankly, savoring, his gorgeous photos, I ran across a posting that shows some delightful work he did for a Mageve hotel called Au Soli.  You know I love everything European Mountain Style, especially when it includes charming vintage references, as do these.  (The captions are taken directly from his site.)

A mix inspired by two pictures of famous photographer Georges Tairraz.

An inspiring view of a mountaineer contemplating Matterhorn on the Italian side.

Inspired by an illustration of Armand Vallee.

An old guide, of Chamonix probably.

Also inspired by Armand Vallee.

Charming skier ...a man was by her side but she looks better on her own...
The artist mentions how much he loves the "vintage mountain look" of the 30's through 60's.  Me too!!  In fact, here at Lake Tahoe, we call that look "Old Tahoe".  There are still many charming old cabins from that era that are still in original condition with old linoleum kitchen flooring, pickwick pine on the walls and chalet inspired railings and widow shutters.  In fact, I've had several clients hire me to help them create that look from scratch for new construction or remodel projects.  Such fun!

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