Corral Canyon Collection from Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, master of home decor for mountain interiors has introduced yet another fabulous lodge-inspired fabric collection.  This one is called Corral Canyon and it is influenced by South Western colors and textures.

This is not your "South Western Style" of the 80's, however.  Lauren mixes the moody and muddy pastels in his fabric collection with modern shapes and finishes in his furniture line to make a look that is fresh and current for today.

As always the quality and scale of Ralph Lauren furnishings is evident.

Simple overscale pieces in rustic textures and lots of warm natural wood.  

Furnishings and finishes are kept in warm neutral, natural colors.  Then subtle, muted pops of color come from Ralph Lauren fabrics, pillows, blankets and carpets.

These rooms are beautifully styled with large sculptural furnishings and simple over-scale natural accessories.  Lot's of air and white is left around individual pieces so nothing feels fussy or cluttered. Simple, rustic and oh, so luxe!

And here are some of the beautiful woven patterned fabrics that are part of this collection:

Canyon Vista Blanket

Saddle Peak Stripe
Wind River Ikat

And the beautifully colored solids that create the calm in this look:

 The carpets are stunning, muted but with just enough color and pattern to anchor these subtle rooms:

And finally, the beautiful bedding:

Ralph Lauren fabrics and area rugs can be purchased through Dragonfly Designs.  Call 530-583-6076 or email for pricing., to order free samples or place orders.  Our favorite Ralph Lauren lodge-style fabrics can be viewed on our web-site, click here. 

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