Ralph Lauren Indian Cove Lodge

Ralph Lauren's Indian Cove Lodge Collection from 2009 is an oldie but goodie.

When it comes to decorating for mountain homes, Ralph Lauren pretty much tops the leaderboard. In the past I've shown a number of his beautiful collections that work gorgeously in cabins (see here).  One of my very favorites, however, is the much older Indian Cove collection.  Even though some of the fabrics are now discontinued, we can still take inspiration from the beautiful photos that were created to showcase the original collection.

Plaids and native American inspired fabrics are always appropriate in rustic mountain homes.  What goes beyond this in the Indian Cove collection, however, is the way they are paired with furnishings that mimic fine antiques. And these furnishings are all over the board in terms of influence and style. It's the strong black and red coloration and big graphic patterns in the fabrics that manages to tie these rooms all together.

As a lover of antiques and all things quirky and collectible, I would work this style with my own findings and treasures from antique fairs, auctions and flea markets.  If you like this look and would like some help putting together similar fabrics and colors, call or email us at (530) 583-6076 or dragonflytahoe@att.net.  We'd love nothing more than a chance to help you recreate it for your mountain house.

See what I mean about the quirky collectibles and furnishings.  I love the gold spray chinoiserie table, the mix of Navajo and Oriental carpets, the bird and fish prints collected as a gouping above the sofa.  I see Indian baskets, lots of old books and family photos. In contrast to all the funky accessories, the fabrics are rich and elegant as are many of the furnishings.  It's a carefully collected look, and it requires a deft design hand to put it all together like this.


Luckily, the high-impact fabric above, Algonquin Vintage, is still available, see here. 

As always, we love to supply fabric samples and are happy to help you track down whatever you need to make your look just perfect for you and your lifestyle.  For a quick look at all our favorite Ralph Lauren fabrics for cabins and rustic mountain lodges, click here.   You'll see some great fabrics that are similar to those in this collection.

Fabrics still available from this collection:  

Ralph Lauren Algonquin in Vintage Red  --Click on image to view in our online store.

Ralph Lauren Tate Gilded Linen--Click to view in our online store.  
The beautiful black and red plaids in this collection are now discontinued, but we like this newer RL plaid just as well...

Ralph Lauren Bridal Trail Plaid--see here
And we also carry a very affordable black and red plaid from Big House that would work great if you're trying to put this look together in your cabin. It gives you this look and it's only $90 per yard (much less than the original Ralph Lauren fabrics were.)

Big House Campground fabric--see here

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