Cabin Christmas Tartan

I don't know about you, but I've been missing plaids.  As  I think about it, I haven't used a single plaid in months.  Nary a one!

So bring out the kilts, the plaid wrapping paper, the tartan throws and toss pillows.  It's Christmas time in the mountains and we need our plaids!

Red and black plaids have been long associated with cabin decorating.  From the classic flannel lumberjack shirt of the 19th century, to the vintage plaids on thermoses, camping tins and woolen Pendleton blankets of the 40's and 50's, and finally to the classic tartan patterns Ralph Lauren brought into our country wardrobes and cabins in the 80's and 90's, plaids have been part of American mountain culture for many years.

Here are some great ways to use plaids and tartans in your cabin this Christmas.

Let's start with the classic plaid camp blanket.  What could be more cozy than a good Pendleton plaid?  And these days, they've updated and modernized their plaids.  I especially love mixing and matching Pendleton blankets in the bunk room where each bed gets a slightly different mix.  Of course, it's best when they all blend together for a look that seems as if it pulled together over time, and without too much thought.  (Of course, I always put the thought you?)

Pendleton plaid blankets and throws mix and match together.
 It doesn't have to be a Pendleton.  There is so much great choice out there.  Below, a beautiful Ralph Lauren throw in a pattern from his Alpine collection called Verbier...

Ralph Lauren Verbier plaid throw
 Of course, when it comes to plaids and cabins, Ralph Lauren is king.  Perhaps he did them best in an older collection called Indian Cove Lodge.  Many of the fabrics from this collection are now discontinued, but these are timeless design ideas, that really show how beautifully classic plaids in black and red work in mountain cabins and lodges...

Porch furnishings by Ralph Lauren Indian Cove Lodge Collection

A charming plaid chair from Ralph Lauren's Indian Cove Lodge Collection

A beautifully eclectic room featuring fabrics from Ralph Lauren's Indian Cove Lodge Collection.  
 For more on Indian Cove, see here.  

And then there's Scott Meecham Woods with his Tartan Scott blog.  He is definitely the ultimate lover of everything plaid! I think I may have picked up the two pictures below from him...

Definitely mad for plaid...and done beautifully!
And below...this looks like a set from Outlander at Castle Leoch.  (Are you watching Outlander?  I love the costumes and sets!)

Plaid and gorgeous!!!
So let's talk upholstery.  One way to add plaids to a mountain home is with upholstered sofas and chairs.  

Tartans mixed with faux fur to create a big crazy cozy cocoon.  Don't you just want to jump into this!

Tartan upholstery on a traditional sofa.

Just a little plaid goes a long way.  This is such a playful and modern way to upholster a traditional sofa.

In a simple chalet interior an antler chair upholstered in plaid makes a big impact.  Notice the tartan curtain (love the 3 layers of curtains!)

A classic red tartan is beautiful in this traditional interior.
A big modern-scale upholstered chair in a large scale plaid looks up-to-date and cozy at the same time.  Aren't the coordinating plaids wonderful with this chair?

White walls, sea grass carpet, chippy white chest of drawers and a newly upholstered plaid chair in greys and creams all make a quietly chic statement in this stylish but unpretentious space.

Why not mix plaids together?
In a dining room, plaid chairs can add a lot of personality...

Slipcovers made from plaid blankets, a tartan tablecloth and lots of red tartan ribbon.  It may be overboard, but it's fabulous.  Invite me to Christmas dinner, please!

Charles Faudre, one of my favorite designers, masterfully mixes plaids and prints in this beautiful mountain dining room.  The room is elegant, the colors are exquisite, the antiques are fabulous...Faudre at his best!

Plaid kitchen bar stools.  
I love this idea of using a different tartan on every dining chair.

In this dining room, the tartan is on the floor.  A great mix of modern and rustic.  Love it!!!
If plaid dining chair upholstery is too much for you, why not use plaid in your table settings?

Some people prefer their plaids in the bedroom...

Simple plaid blankets in a European chalet.

More chalet style with plaid curtains, upholstered walls and toss pillows in a modern plaid featuring neutral colors.

Some people can't get enough red.  Classic red tartan mixes beautifully with red and white prints.

Cozy luxury.  A single Ralph Lauren tartan is used on the walls, the bedding and the furnishings in this charmingly rustic space.   I always love the contrast between rugged, quirky rusticity and refined furnishings.  This is similar to Ralph Lauren's Walker Tartan, see here.  

A vintage Ralph Lauren bedding combination--still beautiful. 

In this room, the tartan is on the walls.  The wallpaper is Scottish Plaid by Thibaut and the coordinating fabric is Telluride by Thibaut, popular in our online store.  
Finally, here are a number of great ideas for additional ways to incorporate plaid into a mountain house...

In this gorgeous kitchen a black and white plaid area rug, valance and dish towel were added.  So simple and yet so much impact!

Why not upholster the inside of a cabinet in plaid?

If you love camp style, a collection of old plaid tins is essential, of course!


The backside of a faux fur throw is a perfect place for tartan!

Shower walls in a marble mosaic create a tartan pattern.  Brilliant!

Simple plaid carpet makes a contemporary statement in this stunning hallway.  
Here's wishing you a happy plaid holiday season!  

Stay cozy and warm!

To shop our online store for plaids, go here.    If you don't see what you want in our online store, call and let us help you find the perfect plaid.  We carry well over a hundred plaids.  

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