Americana Meets Ski Lodge in this Anthony Baratta Design

Over the years I have received so much pleasure in the interiors of design partners Anthony Baratta and William Diamond, or simply, as they are known Diamond and Baratta.  Unfortunately, William Diamond died in 2015, three years after retiring in 2012.  So now Anthony Baratta is working on his own.  In this wonderful Aspen ski lodge, Baratta continues in the classic look created by the duo.

Their style has been called "colonial revival on acid" by Donald Albrecht, curator of the Smithsonian's Design Museum.  It features vivid color combinations, over-scale pattern everywhere and a mixture of classic Americana antiques and themes.  The pair cultivated relationships with some of the best American artisans and manufacturers and many of their carpets, fabrics and furnishings were custom created uniquely for each project.

A classic Americana inspired Diamond and Baratta interior.  Lot's of color.  Lot's of pattern.  Signature custom designed carpets and textiles combine with hand-painted furnishings, folk art and rustic collectibles.  Oh, and plaid--always, lot's of plaid.
The Diamond and Baratta style uses whimsy, energy and an avoidance of all that is ordinary.  Frankly, I find it inspiring, creative and thrilling.

Here in an Aspen ski lodge, I hope that you will find this style to be as exciting as I do... 

A bright red front door with charming iron strapping and a fabulous stag door knocker sets the tone for a surprising, creative and playful interior.
No fear of bold color and pattern here.  The color scheme for much of the house is red, black, grey and white with a little green or yellow tossed in occasionally.  Here you see the love of Americana quilting patterns that runs through many of their designs.  The custom carpet has been created out of quilt patterns, the toss pillows on the chairs are quilted and there is an actual quilt hung over the fireplace.  Another Diamond and Baratta signature favorite is plaids which you will see get heavy use throughout this interior.  

One of the things I have always loved about their interiors are the little whimsical collectibles.  In the living room, above, you see a collection of red lawn bowling pins and a pair of charming painted trunks used as coffee tables.

A classic Americana braided rug in customized colors mixes with plaid-backed dining chairs and a stag fabric upholstered on the walls.  Even the ceiling has been given a bold treatment using tongue and groove in a diamond pattern in an inset above the dining table.

Stag fabric is Las Nievas, see here.

Wainscot is made from birch bark.  The beautiful Adirondack style cabinet is decorated with bark and twigs.

Diagonal squares on the kitchen floor, exist with a small scale version of the same on kitchen chair upholstery and a busy quilt-inspired tile pattern above the stove.  

In the master, the same red plaid has been applied to walls, ceiling and furnishings. I believe I recognize this pattern as one of their own, originally sold through Lee Jofa but now discontinued.  I always loved the line and I miss it now that it is mostly unavailable.
The perfect powder room for this house.  I love the way the quilt has been hung on the wall behind the vanity and the mirror.  Notice the plaid upholstery is used again on the ceiling.  Is that a splatter-ware bowl used for a sink basin?  The folk art mirror is absolutely perfect and the carriage lights on either side add just the right touch.  It's a wild and crazy mix, but the strict adherence to the red, cream and black color scheme gives it enough discipline that the design hangs tightly together.  
As a designer, I often look at an interior like this and think, "where did he find that"?  So much effort goes into shopping for and sourcing out an interior like this where every item is unusual.

Another bedroom featuring a mix of plaids.
Things I love here...antique Adirondack hand-carved frames, Black forest carved bear on the side table, industrial floor lamp with green painted shade, bottle green wall paint.  All these little details are so endearing amidst the plaid woolens and handsome striped carpet.

A bold custom-made over-scale snow flake carpet is all this exercise room needs to give it that unmistakable Diamond and Baratta look.  From utilitarian boring to one-of-a-kind thrilling with a single carpet.

A charming combination of prints mix together in this guest room.  On the back wall is a Pierre Frey favorite, Rougemont.

Charming vintage skis and red lanterns adorn this chalet-inspired custom bench.  And yet another plaid ceiling!

A red porthole mirror above a collection of wooden shaker boxes and buckets, birch vases and a hand-carved American Eagle.  I love the grey and red roughsawn wood on the wall behind it all. 

Source:  Veranda Magazine

So what did you think?  Did you love this interior?  If so, here's a question for you...could you live in it?


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