Miles Redd Uses Red Quite Prettily in his Own Cashiers Cabin

Many people love the color red in cabins, lodges and ski chalets.  Do you?

I have to confess that as a child, when asked what my favorite color was, I always answered "red." Red is no longer my favorite color, but I still love it. And in my role as a Tahoe Interior Designer I am often asked for red fabrics and accessories.  Over the years of writing this blog, I have gathered together photos and stories from many beautiful mountain and cabin interiors and I simply can't help but notice that red is often an important color in the best designs.  People seem to love red in cabins and for many good reasons.

Of all the red cabin interiors I've seen, however, I'd have to say that I prefer Miles Redd's design for his own cabin in Cashiers, North Carolina.  (Even more so than my previously favorite red cabin designs, those of Ralph Lauren's Indian Cove Lodge collection, see here.)

Miles Redds' personal cabin in Cashiers, North Carolina--A hint of what is to window trim.

The cabin itself is charming but modest in size.  The rooms are cozy with log siding and chinking.  The fireplaces look well loved and often used.  There is nothing grand, extreme or lavish at all about the place.  And yet, this is the cabin I would most prefer to live in.

One of the coziest and prettiest cabin rooms I can remember seeing.  I just love it.
Miles uses red fabrics and furnishings throughout.  I especially love the old-fashioned floral fabrics accented with red and white tickings.  Florals are less popular these days and I say let's bring them back!  Who can argue with this logic after seeing this room.  Everything is just so very darn pretty.  Antiques, books, pretty lamps, flowers, curtains...this room contains everything I love.

In fact, I'd love this cabin for a personal retreat.  If it were mine, I'd often use it all by myself.  I'd light a fire and dig into a favorite book.  The rooms just look like the perfect place to indulge in personal time.  I hope Miles Redd gets as much pleasure out of this cabin as I know I would.

Another pretty red seating area and fireplace, left.  Red transfer-ware mixes with a gorgeous Black Forest carved bear clock and mirror, right.

A funky antique chair collection placed around a round table dressed with simple checkered tablecloths.  Again, I see some very nice antiques placed throughout this room, including another magnificent carved Black Forest piece as the table's centerpiece.  The Grandfather clock seems perfect for this room, doesn't it?

More pretty red floral fabrics in the bedroom.  What could be cozier than the two upholstered chairs placed by the fireplace?  A room you can really live in.
If you'd like to view our collection of red fabrics for cabin interiors, see here.  For red wallpapers, see here.  To view floral fabrics, see here.  

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  1. Great looking cabin! Let me know if you ever run across any older cabins that need log replacement or repair work pertaining to the logs. We specialize in restoration of cabins like this gem and work all over the US.


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