Like a Jigsaw Puzzle--A Martis Camp mountain house gets fabulous beams

I just finished adding some furnishings and window coverings to a beautiful house in Martis Camp. The house was designed by my favorite architect, Gary McKelvey, and built by Andreas Rickenbach, a contractor that clients love, love, love! Andreas is, no doubt, one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He is also meticulously professional. But, best of all, Andreas is a master craftsman.

The best way to use Andreas is to buy a truckload of old antique barn beams and to turn him loose on a project. The amazing ceilings, trusses and beam patterns Andreas creates are like huge one-of-a-kind artisan jigsaw puzzles. Each beam is carefully cut and artistically placed to create magnificent shapes and patterns on the walls and ceilings. It's hard to explain, but I don't really need to. I'll just show you...take a look below.

(Just a quickie disclaimer here, these photos were taken on my cell phone before the house had been completed. Please excuse the photo quality and the incomplete condition of the furnishings).

Andreas specializes in the sort of beautiful beam work you see here on the living room ceiling. Also, take a look at the huge rustic window headers.

The far wall of the living room is detailed out in hand hewn logs with chinking.

More beams and headers in the breezeway connecting the garages to the main house. Throughout the house, all ceilings, doors and windows are trimmed out like this.

Don't you just love both the natural edge on these beautiful baseboards and the hand forged iron nail heads?

Hewn antique log bannisters and custom iron-work on the stairwell.

Photo from Cowboys and Indians Magazine

More beautiful beam work in the den. (The chairs are custom through Dragonfly Designs. Also, can you make out the fabulous feather trim we put on the curtains?)

No matter where you cast your eyes in this house they land on stunning hand-crafted workmanship.

More log trim in the master shower.

Andreas created a stunning custom butcher block in the kitchen, below.

Of course, you may have noticed the beautiful stonework throughout the house. Here is a detail of the fireplace, below. It's hard to tell from the photo, but some old logs have been incorporated here, too.

Another custom chair design by Dragonfly Designs.

Photograph from Cowboys and Indians Magazine.

By the way, Gary McKelvey's number is 530 308-6379 and Andreas Rickenbach can be reached at (530) 583-3809.

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