Wildflowers Everywhere!

This is just so charming.....

Don't get me wrong.  I love living at Lake Tahoe, especially in the summer time.  It has it's very own charms.

Here's what's going on at my favorite beach this week...

Lupins in full bloom!!!  These are actually chest high now.  

Otis amidst the lupins.  
Aren't they amazing!!!  

It's beautiful here year round, but these are perhaps my very favorite weeks of the year.  All around, the wildflowers are bursting forth in bloom, the leaves have that fresh green, just budded out look to them and the grasses are bright green and growing inches every day.  Streams and creeks are flowing and small animals and birds are everywhere you cast your eyes. Life in all its exuberance is all around.  

And speaking of wildflowers, I'm working on a project right now, where we have a tile artist creating a custom tile mural featuring Tahoe wildflowers.  Below is another piece from the artist, but ours will not be roses, of course.  I have sent the artist photos of all my favorite wildflowers. We have approved a sketch and now the artist painstakingly carves the new design into a mold from which she will cast the actual tiles.  Can't wait to see it when it's finished!  

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