Cabin Antiques

Some people just have a discriminating eye. They instinctively know quality. They immediately spot the highest level of craftsmanship.  They know balance, beauty and color harmony.  

I am still loving a pinterest page I discovered called "Find Me One".  It's been put together by someone with an eye.  Someone who loves mountain collectibles, especially, (be still my heart) European mountain antiques.  She loves Black Forest, carved bears, Tramp Art style, folk art, transferware and, of course, pieces decorated with antlers and pine cones.  Plain and simple, every possible sort of Old World mountain-oriented collectible has been included.

But...this girl has taste.  The items she's selected for her board are not just any old item with a bear slapped on it.  This is a beautifully curated collection of the best of the best, the rarest, the hardest to find, the most beautifully crafted.  Be sure to check it out.  You won't be disappointed.  And, if you're newly discovering the world of mountain antiques, this page can provide a great education as to what is out there and options for what you might want to set out to collect.  

  To see the Find Me One Pinterest board, click here.  

And, by the way, if you love all things about cabin living, I've been putting together my own share board with lots of links to great articles from around the web with all kinds of things that spark my interest about mountain living, and cabin decorating.  Clicking around to various content on the board is a great way to spend a snowy afternoon.  Hey, I think we have a few of those coming up this week!

My board is called "Living a Beautiful Mountain Life".  Click here.

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