Contemporary Rustic Style in Aspen with Richard Hallberg

Contemporary European chalet style is making its way to Aspen.

This project by Richard Hallbert is everything that is contemporary chalet style.  It's clean, light and bright, with modern finishes and furnishings. Most importantly, clearly on display is that special element of oh-so-contemporary tongue-in-cheek referencing to mountain motifs and traditional craftsmanship that you see in today's modern European chalet style.

Just exactly what makes up that special element?  It's the fur pillows, the hair-on-hide upholstery, the antler, horn and bark materials, the huge rustic logs. And yet, these references to the past and the traditional are judiciously sprinkled into what is, in all ways, a very modern interior.

This is a primarily white color scheme with a few touches of black.  

Notice the very rugged rustic wood, both in the architectural elements such as the over-scale log posts and beams and in the furnishings and accessories, as well.

The wall texture gently undulates and the flooring consists of rustic wide planks in a grayed, distressed and aged finish.  All this "hand-crafted" detail is in stark contrast with extremely modern elements such as this striking entry table.

In the den, furnishings are minimal, rustic, and in natural materials and muted colors.  Distressed leather, horn, fur, wool and stone gently mix.

Again, in the kitchen ultra-modern elements contrast with the rugged and rustic.

A modern lucite coffee table is placed next to traditional antler furniture pieces.  At the foot of the modern linen covered clean-lined upholstered bed is an Adirondack style birch bark trunk.  White shag carpeting on the floors and modern artwork contribute to the overall contrast of slick, sleek and modern vs. rustic, nubby, natural and traditional.

The most modern of tubs, contemporary artwork and a modern side table contrast with the softness and fullness of the white shag area rug and a plump linen covered chaise.  Up above, a large complicated white-painted antler chandelier further contrasts with the simplicity below.

Back in the master, the red Lucite coffee table and a large red artwork add jolts of color and excitement to the overall white color-scheme.  

Source:  Veranda Magazine  If you'd like to read the story about how the house was created, see the original article.


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