Pretty Woodland Wall Treatment

Made from pine cones, vines, sticks, pods and other natural woodland bits and stuff.  Beautiful!  

This stunning wall goes way beyond loving-hands-at-home-style arts and crafts.  Using natural materials, this elegant design mimics French boiserie (lower panel) and chinoiserie (upper area).  Absolutely stunning! So get out your glue guns, folks...

This is an upstairs attic room in a country home owned by the proprietors of Boxwoods, the ultra-charming house and garden store in Atlanta.

"Transformed into a guest room, the third-floor attic space is a celebration of nature and human creativity. Randy decorated the walls by appliquéing real pine cones, acorns, hickory nuts, sweet gumballs, and honeysuckle vines onto them. The lower walls resemble ornate paneling; the upper walls’ fluid floral designs suggests the patterns from crewelwork. The room is a favorite for the children of visiting families."--Traditional Homes

Source:  Traditional Homes Camp Boxwoods Attic Guest Room

The gorgeous country house, overall is a traditional Southern home, however, there are some very nice Black Forest pieces in it, and several other rooms have elements that apply to cabin decorating, too.

A beautiful stone fireplace has been enhanced with a white painted mantle, white-painted antique mirror and a collection of creamware, old crocks and silver.

Beautifully carved black forest chairs and a pair of magnificent antler candlesticks.  The centerpiece also seems to be a carved Black Forest box of some sort. 

A wonderful rustic kitchen--perfect for any cabin.  Spectacular wide plank floor and matching wide planks on ceiling.  The charming cabinets are actually an old candy counter cut in half (by the way, this is a look you could ask your cabinet maker to mimic--and don't forget the turned feet).  The hood is fantastic!
I love the way this fireplace has been constructed with layers of elements.  From the columns, to the carved garlands, the corbels under the mantle and the diagonal bead board.  Add a coat of paint, and the whole conglomeration comes together as one beautiful unit!


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